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Fish Identification - Atlantic Croaker

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Atlantic Croaker
Species Facts

Science Name: Micropogonias undulatus
Other Names: croaker, hardhead
World Record: 3 lbs. 12 ounce, Fl.
Environment: inshore, coastal
Techniques: bottom fishing, medium tackle

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bill | Posted: June 20, 2010

bait/lure: bloodworms,cut squid, cut croaker and fish bite.For the lure I use, gulp alive shrimp 2" with a drop shot.

Rods/lines: 6-7 foot med- action to mid-heavy action rods 10-20. When using lures use a light action rod 4-5.

Weights: #2-3 pyrimid at sandy areas and round at rocky areas.

habitat: look for shelly areas, rocks, jettys and muddy areas. STAY AWAY FROM ROUGH SHOULS AND CLEAR WATER WITH CORAL REEF.

bob | Posted: July 29, 2009

Bait: I use bloodworms,and cut squid. You could use fishbites. Or cut croaker. If you are using cut bait cut it 1 inch. If you are using fishbites cut it 1\2 inches.

Tackle: Croakers are bottom feeders so use a 1 oz and up sinker. I use a 2 oz sinker. Use a two hook rig bottom and top. Use a 10 to 20 pound test line. As hook I use a Mustad - Croaker Hook.

Rod and reel: I use an ultra-light rod because it is more fun to fight the fish with.

Hot Spots: Chesapeake bay: Sea gull pier, Kiptopeke State Park, Oceanview Pier.

sullyzippo | Posted: April 5, 2006

easy to catch. cut bait (other croaker) or shrimp on a tandom rig with a 3-4 oz sinker has never let me down. i usuall bring just enough bait with me to land a few fish, then use cut whiteing that i catch.

[email protected] | Posted: May 3, 2004

A very simple fish to catch if you are a beginning saltwater fisherman. Use a small size 10 hook tied straight to line and a 2oz weight about 16 inches above the hook. Take pieces of shrimp and drop straight down. I caught 9 croakers with this setup in one hour!

[email protected] | Posted: October 28, 2003

Atlantic croaker love eating cut croaker or cut white trout.

joe | Posted: August 22, 2003

Put weight at end of line, then leader with decent size hook. cut small squid into strips . Put a strip of squid on hook and let half of squid trail.

Cast out and leave on bottom... You can rig a couple of leaders and catch two at a time.