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Fish Identification - Muskie

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Species Facts

Science Name: Esox masquinongy
Other Names: muskellunge, lunge, maskinonge, great pike
Ideal Temp: 60 to 70
World Record: 69 lbs. 15 ounces
Techniques: Live bait, casting, fly

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Musky Maniac | Posted: June 17, 2003

Muskies are by far, one of the most fascinating fish in the angling world. Awesome fish which may reach a length of 5 feet or more, live up to 30 years, and may take a life time to catch. Muskies have been known as "The fish of 1000 casts" because they are so hard to hook. Success could happen in years, but, then again, you could catch a 40lb+ fish in a second. Muskies are that way. Sometimes, you'll have the best luck before a storm hits, this gets the fish into a more active mood. On dark cloudy days, its dark lures, you may think its the opposite, but there is more success with dark on dark, light on light. When fihing for musky, make sure you are using wire leaders. Their teeth are as sharp as a razor, and they're not afraid to use them. Also make sure you have pliers for removing the hook. Try to remove the hook and release the fish while its in the water, musky protection is very important, so try to prevent injury. Musky lures are always large, larger the lure, larger the fish. If the water is choppy, dont hesitate to use a topwater, in fact, more success has been proven with a topwater on a windy day, most likely because of the low visibility on the surface, the fish can not see the lure clearly. On a day where the water is still as glass, use large plugs, spoons, and spinnerbaits such as the bucktail. Remember, consevation of the musky is very important, a trophy musky is rare these days because of the removal of big females, without these fish, the awesome adrenaline - filling sport of musky fishing will be a memory. Good Fishing

[email protected] | Posted: March 11, 2002

Trolling with large bait fish. Also, a large muskie lure works well when trolling at a higher speed. Make sure you're fishing with at least 40 lbs. test line, though.

-Derek Than ([email protected])