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Fish Identification - Blue Tilapia

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Blue Tilapia
Species Facts

Science Name: Oreochromis aurea
World Record: 4 lbs. 7 ounces Santiago
Environment: Stream, river, & lakes
Techniques: light tackle, casting
Range: Southern and central Florida.

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robert | Posted: June 7, 2011

the world record tilapia is 10.3lbs because I have this record. here is a link with a picture.

Laury | Posted: October 13, 2006

I catch tilapia right and left from a man-made lake behind my house in Houston. I use hotdogs and sometimes bread balls. The hot dogs have to be high-end (yes, I know this is odd. . .) like Oscar-Meyer. They aren't easy to keep on the hook but I can catch a stringer of 8-10 large Tilapia with hotdogs in a couple of hours. Bread balls work fairly well also; however, they also attract more catfish (which I don't like) than I'd like to catch.

steveh | Posted: February 3, 2006

The best way to catch these little bottom feeders is to; find a power plant that has a lake used for cooling. IE Carolina Power & Light, Asheville NC.

Go on the coldest nights of the year.Wear some warm clothes, brrrrr.15 to 20 degrees is best, maybe less. Find the generator discharge, that's where they'll be. Tie on about three trebels, a one once weight at the end. Cast out, let sink to bottom, start jerkin'. You'll get a million of them, every time.

Yea, it's legal. They will never be considered a game fish. If they do, I quit!

Tim Meinhart | Posted: August 4, 2005

My daughter and I fish for Tilapia in a water reclamation pond in Los Angeles, CA. Pieces of redworms work fine but cheese-flavored "Pirates' Booty" sanck puffs work better than anything else!

icyfx | Posted: September 28, 2002

Blue tilapia are very hard to catch. Since every Blue Tilapia I have ever seen usually resides in very clear water, use of light line is best. These fish spook very easy so stealth would be a plus on your side. Don't use any floats, sinkers or anything else except a hook and your line. Bread balls, worms,and bits of corn produce with these fish but it does take patience. Good luck.