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Fish Identification - Haddock

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Species Facts

Science Name: Melanogrammus aeglefinus
Other Names: Scrod

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[email protected] | Posted: November 16, 2008

Actually haddock have made a decent comeback.they like sandy,muddy,flat bottom water and I catch most of my haddock on clams although while codfishing I do catch a good amount on teasers mostly made of fly tying material. pink,purple and black being my favorite colors. yes they have tender mouths so you need a sensitive rod tip and dont worry you will lose a few. They kind of hit with a series of light taps sp dont rear back and set the hook be gentel.I usually catch them anywhere between 150 and 350 ft of water.I mostly fish out of Gloucester,massachusetts and fish stellwagon or tillies or go out of salsbury,massachusetts and fish jeffreys ledge or new or old scamtum ledge. Kevin

RORY | Posted: September 11, 2005

Use a bottom setup rig. Go out about one mile they are rareer than cod there mouths are easy to rip because they have a soft mouth so dont set the hook to hard while fishing for them u will probaly catch a lot of cod but haddock aRE great tasting