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Fish Identification - Wahoo

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Species Facts

Science Name: Acanthocybium solandri
Other Names: ono, oahu fish, Pacific kingfish, ocean barracuda
Ideal Temp: 70 to 80
World Record: 158 lbs. 8 oz, Mexico
Environment: offshore
Techniques: heavy tackle, trolling

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troutman | Posted: March 15, 2009

use a hopkins lure with the yellow feather troll at 4 to 10 knots depending on fish action that day. want lure about 10 to 15 feet deep troll back about 50 feet behind boat

Sean Mendonca | Posted: February 9, 2007

When fishing for wahoo there are two methods i like two use.

Method 1: This method is pulling plastics. My best lure for selection would be and bullet head islander over a large octopus skirt. The best colors and blue and white and also black and red. Once your lure is made i fing to get the best results with these lures is to troll them for the down rigger at depths ranging from forty- eighty feet and one rod from the center with a 2-4 pound trolling lead. This technique is best trolled at 8-12knots with heavy lines and hard drag to set the hook.

Method 2: This method is fairly simple. This method involves trolling dead bait, i recomend either ballyhoo or flying fis. Rig the ballyhoo with 8-10/0 needle eye hooks depending on the size of the bait. The best skirt to put over the ballyhoo i suggest seawitches with colors of pink and blue, white, plain pink, blue and white, and black and purple. The best way to fish this method is with four lines: 2 down riggers, 2 riggers and a shotgun line. I woulf rcomend that the lighter colors to be put on the down rigger. This method is most sucessful when trolled at 5-8 knots and if the water is rough then i recommend to rig the ballyhoo with a weighted chin to help stay in the water and add more excitment.

tim t | Posted: February 5, 2007

I like to use to Braid marauder i use 100# wire about three feet long as long as you keep your leaders maintaned you will never lose a fish the maruader works so well because it dives deep (no need for trollings weights and planners) and you can troll then fast around ten knots works best where i fish, but they will go faster as long as you have heavy enough equipment i use 30w and 50w but smaller is ok. always use black and purple or the pink and purple holographic marauder that braid sells its not on the website but they have it i know this sounds like a commercial but im telling you they catch the heck out of wahoo!!

tom barman | Posted: September 27, 2002

Bonita Strips!!! They are very important, use mullet if they are not available.

The 1st thing you need is a wire line rod and reel, the penn 6/0 high speed works well and for the rod a bent butt with a wire line guide is the way to go. If you are on a budget you can get a stand up rod with the wire line guide for less. Once you use wire line you will be hooked.

I allways use a planer board I like the #3, if I am running a 2nd wire line I will use a 2LB cigar weight. The reason is that you wont tangle. If you use the same you will tangle.

From the planer or weight, I run mono usaully a #100 lb test NO WIRE!!!!! Live on the edge.. You will get a lot more action with out wire, you will get cut now and then.

But on the average you will put more in the box. same goes for dorado. I like to use sea wichtes pink or blue and white. Rig them with the bonita strips. Wahoos like to hang in 200 to 300 feet. Troll in one direction if you get a hit turn back around but swing way out and reset your lines in the direction of your last hit. They feed with or against the current it is one way or the other. they bite in the moring and afternoon. Do not freeze the meat, eat it fresh. Good luck I love these fish they are awesome and not everybody can target them with sucsess.