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Fish Identification - Lake Trout

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Lake Trout
Species Facts

Science Name: Salvelinus namaycush
Other Names: Laker, Mackinaw, gray trout, togue
Ideal Temp: 50 to 57
World Record: 72 lbs NW Terr.
Environment: lakes
Techniques: medium-tackle, bottom fishing, downrigger

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bassboy12345 | Posted: October 27, 2007

Fishing for lake trout is very good with bright colored spoons that are pretty large.

fish on jay | Posted: December 21, 2003

when ice fishing for Lake Trout, it is best to use one of your lines for jigging, and the other should be a tip up, with live emarld shinner. While you wait for tip up to go off you should jig with your other rod. The best jig to use is a White Tube Jig and it should be salted, with a dead emearld shinner hooked through the top off its head. It is best to jig right off bottom with just a slow movement up and down ,and then it sit for a second. A lot of times that big laker will hit the tube jig when it just comes to a rest for that split second.

Fish on Jay

Mark | Posted: April 21, 2003

When you are trolling, make sure you have contact with bottom. When you stir up the mud the fish will hit. Also, vary your speed, and jerk your lure. Many times I have been trolling at a steady pace and then I sped up to twice the speed for about 3 seconds. You guessed it, a trout hit!

Tight Lines,

Ernest Plutko | Posted: December 18, 2002

Lake trout are much easier to catch fishing through the ice than open water fishing. During the winter lake trout can be caught from just under the ice to several hundred feet deep. Use a short ice rod with a high quality bait casting reel. Use a live or dead minnow as bait. Use a sliding sinker suspended about 18 inches above the hook. Allow the bait to slowly, slowly sink to the bottom. Carefully watch your line. If the line quits sinking or if the line goes on an angle, set the hook. Lake trout make powerful runs under the ice and are exciting to catch. Often lake trout manage to spit out the hook when they get to the top of the ice hole. Be prepared to very quickly, without hesitation, plunge you hands into the water and grab the fish before it can turn around in the hole and escape. Red and white airplane jigs jigged slowly to the bottom are another effective way to catch lake trout.