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Fish Identification - Jack Crevalle

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Jack Crevalle
Species Facts

Science Name: Caranx hippos
Other Names: Cavalla

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scuba1978 | Posted: April 8, 2011

They really love it when you crank your lure as fast as you possibly can. I caught four of these bad-boys in Destin, FL, and after the tug-o-war, I was happy to have a beer and watch everyone else try. These are by far the toughest fish I've hooked,and they are gorgeous!

brackish1 | Posted: May 11, 2009

throw a bucktail jig at a school and reel with all your might and see what happens...

Ben Walker | Posted: October 3, 2006

around docks, hook a 3-8 inch mullet in the back, just above the dorsal fin, and let it swim around in front of you.....they'll go nuts for it.

brian | Posted: April 24, 2006

when you see a school of them the storm topwater lures work good, black top and silver or white bottom, jig quick and dont stop jigging it on top of the water even when they chase it. set hook very quick right when they hit

brian curtner | Posted: November 5, 2002

The jack crevalle fish is usually feeds on shrimp, you can usually catch one if you cast behind a moving shrimp boat- but be ready for the hell of a fight.