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Fish Identification - American Shad

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American Shad
Species Facts

Science Name: Alosa sapidissima
Other Names: Shad, Atlantic Shad, White Shad
Ideal Temp: Above 41
World Record: 11 lbs. 4 ounces, Mass.
Environment: inshore, coastal, stream
Techniques: fly fishing, casting

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James Dudley (Gebo) | Posted: September 3, 2004

In dams where you are above the water (Douglas Dam) when the dam is off, throw dead minnows into the water, it does not matter how far, after a while a shad will jump and get the dead minnow, so drop a minnow that is on your hook (Dead or alive) next to where you saw the fish jump and grab it. This is how I caught my first shad.

Rdrami[email protected] | Posted: May 21, 2004

These hard fighting fish are great for kids and first timers!

Stay in the fast current. Use enough weight to make contact with the bottom. When reeling use a slow retreive because they are not willing to fight the current to catch-up to your lure. I use a weight with a bead and swivel, followed by 2-2 1/2 foot leader. You can use small crappie jigs, or jig heads alone. They will even bite bare hooks when the run is really active.

Be sure and check with your local fisheries or tackle persons for details as to when the run is most productive in your area.

Be sure and take the kids! It's a lot better than video games and good family time!!