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Fish Identification - Atlantic Sturgeon

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Atlantic Sturgeon
Species Facts

Science Name: Acipenser oxyrhynchus

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lance_strike@hotmail | Posted: February 26, 2006

atlantic sturgeon are abundant in the St. John river in New Brunswick, Canada. it is legal to keep some of these monsters, but please release them so they can live to breed again.

it's common to see these monsters jump 3 to 5 feet out of the water while boating!!! one trip, i counted 15 of em all measuring over 4 feet!

I've caught tese bad boys on Dew worms. small ones will make you think they're bass untill you can see them.v also consider chunks off eels or smelts. Just remember, the currents are strong, so you'll need lots of weight(4 ounces or more) and use lots of heavt braided line!

stur_bill | Posted: April 6, 2005

Keep in mind the Atlantic sturgeon is protected and it is unlawful to catch throughout it's range.