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Strike King Denny Brauer Baby Structure Jig



This downsized version of the Denny Brauer Structure Jig has all the same great attributes as the full-sized jig, and features a 2/0 Owner hook.

Denny Brauer has made a living with a jig on the end of his line. About a year ago, Strike King unveiled the Denny Brauer Structure Jig, which was the brainchild of Denny as he has spent the last few years honing his offshore jig skills. Denny decided that his creation shouldn’t be limited to heavyweight sizes, and upon his advice we're expanding the line to include the all-new Baby Structure Jig.

“We all know there are times and circumstances that call for a smaller, lighter, more compact jig," he says. "However, I didn’t want to give up all of the great qualities of our Structure Jig when it came time to downsize. So we kept every single feature and shrunk it to the perfect size for fussy bass.

"The Structure Jig is so 'right' with its head design and Owner hook. It just made sense to expand it into these smaller sizes. The same things that make the big version so good are just as prevalent in the Baby Structure Jig.

"And don’t let the name fool you – this baby catches big ones,” he says.

The new Baby Structure Jig is available in 1/4- and 3/8-oz sizes, and comes in the same nine awesome colors as its big brother. Look for it soon at better sporting goods retailers near you.

Bama Craw
Size Price Stock Qty
1/4 oz $4.59 21
3/8 oz $4.59 25+
Black Blue
Size Price Stock Qty
1/4 oz $4.59 5
3/8 oz $4.59 25+
Blue Craw
Size Price Stock Qty
1/4 oz $4.59 23
3/8 oz $4.59 25+
Fire Craw
Size Price Stock Qty
1/4 oz $4.59 Out
3/8 oz $4.59 8
Green Pumpkin
Size Price Stock Qty
1/4 oz $4.59 12
3/8 oz $4.59 25+
Peanut Butter Bug
Size Price Stock Qty
1/4 oz $4.59 6
3/8 oz $4.59 15
Watermelon Red
Size Price Stock Qty
1/4 oz $4.59 17
3/8 oz $4.59 23


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