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Strike King Saltwater Red Eyed Shad



The Red Eyed Shad is one of Strike King's most trusted and versatile fish-catching crankbaits. The Saltwater Red Eyed Shad is equipped with high-strength Saltwater-Grade Mustad Triple Grip hooks and corrosion- resistant swivels and terminal components. The lipless diving Red Eyed Shad features free-floating beads that emit a loud rattle as it is retrieved for an unmatched and unmistakable sound. Strike King’s legendary Red Eyed Shad can be burned at a high retrieval speed for covering water quickly, "yo-yoed" for suspended fish feeding on bait pods, or softly bounced across gravel bottoms of the flats. Anglers trust it around heavy cover such as mangrove banks and ditches, and it is ideal as a search bait or for targeting schooling fish.

  • KEY SPECS: The Saltwater Red Eyed Shad by Strike King is the trusted lipless diving crankbait for saltwater anglers. The hard plastic lure is available in 1/2 and 3/4- ounce sizes, both suitable for long and accurate casts with heavier line and for ideal action when retrieved. It features steel free-floating beads that emit a loud and defiant rattle, whether the bait is being burned at a high speed to cover water quickly or “yo-yoed” in a soft, slow cadence. The beads also add to the Saltwater Red Eyed Shad’s exceptional casting distance
  • SUPERIOR HOOKS: Strike King fashioned the Red Eyed Shad with Mustad premium saltwater- grade Triple Grip hooks that are dynamite when fish are slapping at a fast-moving bait. The hooks are unbelievably strong for brawls with saltwater giants
  • EXCEPTIONAL MATERIALS: for the Saltwater Red Eyed Shad, Strike King uses corrosion- resistant swivels, line Eyeds and terminal components to withstand the abuse of years of saltwater fishing
  • SECOND-TO-NONE PERFORMANCE: The Red Eyed Shad is a battle-tested bait, trusted for years by pros, top-performing guides and avid anglers alike. Even new anglers can easily maintain an unmistakable, Eyed-catching action at any depth with the Red Eyed Shad, creating its tight, unmatched wiggle and erratic falling action that fish do not ignore. Anglers fish the 1/2-oune Red Eyed Shad around shallow flats, exposed weed lines, and bounce it off oyster beds and rock piles. The 3/4-ounce Saltwater Red Eyed is ideal for covering water quickly over deeper ledges and ditches in search of prowling fish. Boat captains even trust the Saltwater Red Eyed for vertical jigging for suspended fish. Its performance is matched only by its versatility
  • REALISTIC AND VIBRANT: Each Red Eyed Shad features realistic 3D Eyeds. Strike King offers the bait in 16 vibrant colors that mimic saltwater predators’ natural forage

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1/2 oz $10.99 3
3/4 oz $10.99 4
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Strawberry Red
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1/2 oz $10.99 7
3/4 oz $10.99 8


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