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Strike King Bladed Tour Grade Titanium Umbrella Rig



The Bladed Tour Grade Titanium Umbrella Rig is the same as their regular Tour Grade Titanium Umbrella Rig, except with heavier (i.e. stiffer) wire for more stability and 5 willow leaf blades on ball bearing swivels to add flash and attract fish.

Umbrella rigs are versatile systems that enable you to imitate a school of baitfish. Strike King’s Tour Grade Titanium Umbrella Rig is a better rig than others, loaded with second generation umbrella rig improvements. The five wire system is designed with a .027 diameter titanium wire that eliminates kinks, breakage and metal fatigue common with some steel wire rigs. The flexible titanium wire enables increased pulsing action of the lures for better action and more strikes. The smaller diameter wire creates less wind drag, making casting easier and the lifelike head with lifelike 3D eyes feature an internal swivel to prevent line twist. It can be rigged with a wide variety of lures and you'll want to experiment with various Strike King lures. Some favorites are: Squadron Swimbait Jig Heads, Flats Jig Heads, or Tour Grade Jig Heads rigged with Shadalicious Swimbaits, Glass Minnows, or RageTail™ Grubs, matching the size to the forage and the jig heads to the desired depth. Some anglers prefer weedless style hook rigging when using the long arm model to reduce tangling during casting. Try mixing Strike King® Premier™ spinnerbait blades with your favorite lures for added flash. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

  • Length: 8.5"
  • Width: 9"

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  • Color:Blue Gizzard
  • Size:5 Wire

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