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River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie



Stand'N Yabbie isn't afraid to stand up to bass! Crayfish are a favorite food item for bass (and other freshwater game fish), but they don't give up without a fight. On the bottom, the Stand'N Yabbie assumes a defensive posture with claws held high, their last act of defiance before becoming someone's supper. These come pre-rigged with hooks.

  • Stand'N Yabbie 40: 1.12" long, 1/10 oz in weight, 6 per pack
  • Stand'N Yabbie 50: 1.5" long, 1/4 oz in weight, 5 per pack
  • Stand'N Yabbie 80: 2.25" long, 1/2 oz in weight, 4 per pack
  • Stand'N Yabbie 100: 3" long, 7/8 oz in weight, 4 per pack

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