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Picasso Tungsten Worm Weights



Picasso is regarded as the leader in the manufacturing of tungsten products and developed the industry's very first insert free/fray free weight over a decade ago. Their proprietary polishing, coating and strict QC processes are performed at their own facility located in the USA. They are in absolute control of each and every step of the manufacturing process to assure the weight being packaged is fray free and meets their highest quality standards.

While other companies claim their weights are fray free, the truth is they have no idea which ones are and which ones are not, since they are already coming packaged from China.

Picasso worm weights contain a high tungsten content of 97% creating a very small and compact design, ideal for working through bottom structure such as blow downs, brush and rock piles with less hang-ups than is possible with traditional lead weights or those of lesser tungsten content.

The increased density and hardness of tungsten creates a unique fish attracting sound and superior sensitivity that enables the angler to detect more subtle bites that would otherwise be missed. The concave bottom of the Picasso Worm Weights is designed to fit soft plastics to allow straighter rigging for a more lifelike action. Picasso's super tough Duraseal coating (on all but Gunmetal color) is also ultra smooth and resists chipping for long lasting color.

Out time-tested manufacturing processes produce the highest quality insert free/fray free 97% tungsten weights available today.

  • 1/8 oz: 4 per pack
  • 3/16 oz: 4 per pack
  • 1/4 oz: 3 per pack
  • 5/16 oz: 3 per pack
  • 3/8 oz: 3 per pack
  • 1/2 oz: 2 per pack

  • Increased Sensitivity and Feedback
  • Insert FREE and Easy "Pegging"
  • Chip Resistant for Long Lasting Color
  • Increased Penetration through "Grass"

Size Price Stock Qty
1/8 oz: 4pk SALE! $4.49   21
3/16 oz: 4pk SALE! $5.24   11
1/4 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.24   1
5/16 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.62   1
3/8 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.62   19
1/2 oz: 2pk SALE! $5.62   6
Green Pumpkin
Size Price Stock Qty
1/8 oz: 4pk SALE! $4.49   4
3/16 oz: 4pk SALE! $5.24   3
1/4 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.24   11
5/16 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.62   2
3/8 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.62   1
1/2 oz: 2pk SALE! $5.62   3
Gun Metal
Size Price Stock Qty
1/8 oz: 4pk SALE! $4.49   Out
3/16 oz: 4pk SALE! $5.24   8
1/4 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.24   Out
5/16 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.62   2
3/8 oz: 3pk SALE! $5.62   3
1/2 oz: 2pk SALE! $5.62   5


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