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Megabass I-Slide 185



I-SLIDE brings all-new features to the "S- Motion" bigbait category.
The built-in MAGHOLD System (pat. pend.) generates a magnetic field behind each hook hangar, cradling the needle-sharp treble hooks alongside the I-SLIDE’s body. This not only eliminates the unnatural profile of dangling hooks for an especially deadly clear-water presentation, but aligns the hook-points for an ideal hookset. The I-SLIDE is designed to perform a perfect "360 turn" with a twitch of the rod to trigger bites from curious followers. Holding the hooks in place also streamlines I-SLIDE’s motion, allowing for smooth, consistent “S” swimming action during steady retrieve, and reduces slack-line tangles when executing sharp turns and 360-degree action.
Launch the I-SLIDE into the morning mist, and this next-generation "S-Motion" big-bait will deliver the key advancements to land that sought-after monster.

Temperature/Suspend Information: 50F - Slow Sinking
55.5F - Suspending
59F - Slow Floating
68F - Floating

  • Three-sixty turn
    360° turns with a simple twitch of the rod. During the maneuver, the lure momentarily escapes from the predator’s eyesight then quickly appears right back in front of the fish’s mouth, triggering a reaction bite from followers. Particularly effective in water temperatures under 60F.
  • S-Motion
    I-SLIDE performs smooth “S” swimming motion under steady retrieve, and communicates lure action feedback to angler at all times. Positive feel of the lure’s motion becomes a clear advantage in strong currents and stained water.
    The built-in magnets hold hooks in place, minimizing hook presence to streamline action, and trick those wise fish that rely on visual instincts. MAGHOLD also eliminates line tangle when performing 360-degree turns.
  • Superior Controllability
    By simply changing retrieve speed, I-SLIDE’s S-Motion can be tuned for wide or tight action. This allows users to target visible structure incredibly tightly.

    • Length: 7-1/3" (185.0 mm)
    • Weight: 2oz.
    • Hook: #1 (front) #2 (rear)
    • Type: Slow Sinking

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