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Megabass Pony Gabot Frog



A popper frog is essential for conquering heavy cover. To get at those monsters that hide in the jungle, we at Megabass spent two years of testing to develop a unique catamaran-type mouth and active body design that creates realistic splashing. The most important thing in a popper frog isn't just the popping sound itself, but whether or not the water displacement has a truly lifelike impact. Bass don't have a constant visual lock on baits swimming above the cover, nor do they rely solely on sound; often, they rely on water disturbance to determine the size or type of prey. Therefore, the Megabass Pony Gabot has been tuned to the water displacement and sound characteristics that resonate with the monsters lurking in heavy cover.


  • Length - 2.5" (63.0mm)
  • Weight - 3/8 oz (10.5g)

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