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LIVETARGET Hollow Body Field Mouse



Mice are native to most areas of North America. They can be found along shorelines and on floating vegetation where they forage on seeds, roots and other edible plants. They are a favorite prey to Bass, Northern Pike and other predatory gamefish.

The LIVETARGET® Hollow Body Field Mouse is the perfect treat for Bass and Pike stalking in heavy cover, waiting to ambush their quarry. This weedless tool is most effective when skirted across the tops of pads and grass mats; however it also has an incredible side-to-side walk-the-dog action when used in open runs. The intricate life-like details make this rodent so realistic you’ll swear it is alive. The rat is back, the new LIVETARGET® Hollow Body Field Mouse.


  • MHB60T - 3" in length, 5/8oz in weight
  • MHB70T - 3.5" in length, 3/4oz in weight
  • MHB90T - 3.5" in length, 1oz in weight

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