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Jethro Baits Bump-itz Shock Beads



Carolina Rigging is an extremely productive method of catching fish. As with any technique, the rig has its vulnerabilities. Repeated casts with the bead slamming against the terminal knot cuts away at the connection or the sliding of the misaligned bead frays the line. The results can be as aggravating as having to re-tie, as costly as lost terminal tackle (hook, line, weight, swivel, bait and beads), or as devastating as the loss of a fish. Was it the big one? Was it the one you needed to fill the limit? Was it the last bite of the day?

Why take a chance? - Jethro Baits introduces Bump-itz, a revolutionary product to absorb the energy of the beads impact and protect your knot from damage and line from abrasion. By creating a barrier between the knot and the bead the Bump-It takes the impact. And because of Bump-itz round shape the bead is less likely to become misaligned and slide on the line creating fray. Further the impact of the force is transferred to the Bump-it resulting in less bead damage or broken beads. Translation - less wasted time retying or re-rigging, less tackle cost; more time fishing and more fish in the boat! 12 per pack.

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  • Size:8 mm

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