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IMA Japan Dabeat



There’s no more exciting way to catch bass than with a hollow-bodied frog in heavy cover, but the corollary to that rule is that the technique can also be exceptionally frustrating. When fish won’t commit to a frog, or if they repeatedly miss it, it can be heartbreaking. These truths led to the birth of Dabeat, a frog born of necessity. If you’re tired of seeing your favorite mats torn up by the tracks of other anglers’ frogs, or if tough conditions otherwise make the bass noncommittal on tournament day, this is the bait you need to be throwing. The designers at ima Japan created Dabeat to be attractive to all sizes of fish, no matter how skittish, but also to provide an ample target for the biggest bass on your local lake or river. Used in combination with your larger frogs, or when you know larger frogs should work but aren’t producing, Dabeat will become a powerful tool within your topwater arsenal.

Small Silhouette The body measures 1.8 inches (45MM) long, which perfectly replicates the natural prey on many bodies of water around the country. The bass may mistake it for a baitfish or an insect, or perhaps a terrestrial animal, but no matter what it’s an easy target, and the perfect compromise between finesse and a full protein-packed meal.

Triple Cup Side Design The Dabeat’s mouth and both of its sides feature a concave design. As the Dabeat walks and pivots in place, these cupped surfaces push far more water than any comparable finesse frog, along with a distinct popping sound, providing the perfect combination of vulnerability and attractiveness.

Weight Setting The Dabeat weighs in at a solid quarter ounce, easily castable on either spinning gear or conventional casting tackle. The rear weight penetrates the air with ease and the body shape makes it a natural for skipping, whether you fish from a bass boat or from the bank.

Wide Gap Heavy Frog Hook The razor-sharp wide gap double-tined Gamakatsu hook that comes with each Dabeat ensures that fish get hooked up, whether they engulf the bait or merely slash at it. Once hooked, they don’t come unbuttoned, either. The points of the hooks are positioned behind the widest part of the body, ensuring its weedlessness while also maximizing hook-up percentages.

Forest Green
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Midnight Black
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Olive Green Orange Belly
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White Lie
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