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Hog Farmer 7 Wire 7 Blade Umbrella Harvester Flex Rig



Expanding Hog Farmer's incredibly effective line-up of umbrella rigs, the Hog Farmer Harvester Rig boasts a multi-tiered presentation that delivers a noticeable profile, brilliant flash, and crushing strikes. Designed with an innovative, two- layered construction, the Hog Farmer Harvester Rig features two super durable, hand-painted heads and 7 wires that generate an extra-robust profile.

Built entirely from premium-grade components, the Hog Farmer Harvester Rig is fitted with quality clevises, 80 lb swivels, and super- bright willow blades, which create the illusion of a glimmering bait ball. Outfitted with a tough-as-nails camo wire, the Hog Farmer Harvester Rig delivers increased strength that stands-up to hard strikes and multiple big fish. Innovative and well designed, the Hog Farmer Harvester Rig provides a shimmering, multi-layered presentation that baitfish-hungry bass will love.

This Flex Rig version is designed to give your umbrella rig presentation a burst of life, the Hog Farmer Baits Flex Rigs allow your swimbaits to react quicker and produce an action that perfectly mimics a panicked school of baitfish. Built using .035" wire that is thinner than standard Hog Farmer umbrella rigs, Hog Farmer Baits Flex Rigs pulsate and contract when anglers impart short twitches with the rod tip or quick turns with the reel handle, which forces the entire rig to flex and give the appearance of a baitfish school trying to flee from predators. An impact-resistant plastic head with a built-in swivel provides increased durability and eliminates line twists as well. Simply add your favorite jigheads and swimbaits!

  • Top Four Wires (Non-Load Bearing): 0.035" Flex Wire
  • Bottom Three Wires (Load Bearing): Original Long Lasting 0.041" Wire

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  • Color:Stainless Steel
  • Size:9"

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