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Googan Squad Zinger Colorado Willow Spinnerbait



The Googan Squad Zinger is a dual bladed spinnerbait with big fish drawing power. The Googan Squad Zinger helps you match the hatch while covering water quickly. Fish the Zinger on windy days, in murky water, or when bass are actively feeding on baitfish. Burning your bait across the top of the water will help trigger strikes from fish high in the water column and slow rolling the Zinger closer to bottom will get bites from more dominant fish. Change up your retrieve depending on what the fish want!

The Googan Squad Zinger has a hand-tied skirt fastened around a sticky sharp Mustad hook. To help prevent line slippage, the Zinger also features a pre-rigged rubber knot stopper to keep your line from sneaking down the wire of the bait.

  • Model: 10-15-GGS-10000
  • Package Count: 1

Pro Tip: Bump your Zinger against hard cover like docks, brush, laydowns, and trees to help create reaction strikes from fish holding tight to the cover. This technique helps create a reaction strike from fish who may likely not have bitten otherwise. Look for areas with shallow grass, cover, or feeding fish and work your Zinger using an erratic retrieve, slowing down in cool water while speeding up in warmer conditions.

Gear Recommendations:
  • Line: Googan Squad Fluorocarbon/Monofilament 12-20 lb or 30-50 lb Braided Line
  • Rod: Medium to medium-heavy power rod with a fast action
  • Reel: 6.1:1 - 7.3:1 gear ratio casting reel

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