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Go-Get-It Lure Retriever



A “Go-Get-It” is the most innovative lure retriever available to the fisherman today. The design is unique. The molded plastic head is attached to a telescoping pole that is offered in either a 15ft or 18ft model. The patented feature of the head design traps the line in place and guides the gripping slots of the head to the lure. These gripping slots will hold the bill of a crank bait, the head of a jig, or the tie end of the wire on a spinner bait. A slight twist of the pole secures the snagged lure into the gripping slots of the head and an easy push of the pole towards the snag frees the lure. The “Go-Get-It” saves the fisherman money, time, and aggravation...and leaves him with his favorite lures to be used on his next fishing trip.

Owning a “Go-Get-It” is going to change your outlook on snagged lures. Don't just hope it will come loose, Go-Get-It!! Don't just cut your line and tie on another expensive lure, Go-Get-It!! Don't break a rod tip tugging and pulling, Go-Get-It!! With your new “Go-Get-It”you can...

  • Fish with the lures you want to with the confidence that if you hang it up, you can Go-Get-It.
  • Fish water with brush, logs, stumps, or rocks because you know if you hang your lure, you can Go-Get-It.
  • Stop breaking expensive rod tips, since you don't have to be poking them at snagged lures.
  • Retreive your lure from your favorite honey hole far as 20ft without disturbing the spot.
  • Savetime, because you won't be tying on a replacement lure.
  • Save money, because you won't be losing those expensive lures.

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