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Gary Yamamoto Kut Tail Worm Series



When it comes to finesse baits the Yamamoto Kut Tail worm has all the features you need to fool those finicky fish. The unique tail design produces a subtle action perfect for finesse fishing techniques like drop-shotting. The tapered body design provides maximum action and durability.


  • 3.5" Model 7S-20
    20 per pack

  • 4" Model 7-20
    The creation of the 4" 7-series Kut Tail is an interesting story. Fishing in Japan on Lake Kawaguchi in winter time, Gary Yamamoto found the bass were cold and lethargic and did not want a full tail that wiggles on their worms. So he progressively cut back the wiggling curly tail on the 6" 6-series worm until the cut tail resembled what you see today. That summer, it was also discovered that the do-nothing nature of the Kut Tail worked on listless bass sweltering in the high temperatures of summer as well. It essentially became what is called a do- nothing lure, and a unique product line that is always catching something whenever bass are "doing nothing". 20 per pack

  • 5" Model 7L-10
    10 per pack

  • 6.5" Model 7X-10
    Ready to cull those smaller keepers? The 6.5" 7X Kut Tail is a bigger bait designed for better kicker fish appeal. Fish it like a Senko. The 7X has all the great features of a Senko - same salt, same density, same formulation - and it casts well and falls like a Senko when rigged weightless. But the 7X has a unique action with its special Kut Tail. 10 per pack

  • 7.75" Model 7GL-05
    What's better than a finesse rig? A "hefty" finesse rig. Sounds like an oxymoron, sure, but the new 7.75" Kut Tail provides anglers the best of both worlds. It's thicker body simply screams "Texas-Rig". It's subtle yet displaces a lot of water. 5 per pack

    "Tournament fishing for a living, I visit a lot of lakes - more and more these lakes are being managed by top-notch fisheries biologists and they're producing bigger and bigger fish. Those big fish are looking for big bait which is why I've been redesigning some of my smaller, finesse-style baits to give them what they're looking for." - Gary Yamamoto

Size Price Stock Qty
5" $5.99 25+
Black w/ lg blue
Size Price Stock Qty
6.5" $5.99 Out
7.75" $5.99 18
Green Pumpkin w/ Black Flake
Size Price Stock Qty
4" $5.99 25+
5" $5.99 25+
6.5" $5.99 5
Junebug (Purple w/Emerald Flake)
Size Price Stock Qty
5" $5.99 25+
Pumpkin (Orange) w/ lg black & sm green
Size Price Stock Qty
5" $5.99 5
Pumpkin w/ Black
Size Price Stock Qty
5" $5.99 Out
Pumpkin w/ lg Black & sm Green
Size Price Stock Qty
3.5" $5.99 17
4" $5.99 25+
Watermelon w/ Black & Red Flake
Size Price Stock Qty
3.5" $5.99 18
4" $5.99 Out
5" $5.99 25+
6.5" $5.99 12
Watermelon w/Gold/Black
Size Price Stock Qty
5" $5.99 25+
Watermelon/Black Flake
Size Price Stock Qty
3.5" $5.99 25+
5" $5.99 Out
6.5" $5.99 9


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