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G. Loomis NRX+ Bladed Jig Casting Rod


A legendary reimagination of an iconic series of actions, the G. Loomis NRX+ BLADED JIG draws from more than forty years of technology, innovation, and design to meet the performance demands of today's avid bass angler.

No longer a secret, the vibrating, rhythmic "thump" of a bladed jig holds a distinct advantage over other classic baits like crankbaits and spinnerbaits that produce similar disruptive action. The user-friendly, compact design of a bladed jig is far less prone to snagging when grinding through wood, grass, and other burly cover. They're also less inclined to catch wind while being cast, allowing anglers to cover open water efficiently and effectively. Working a bladed jig to its potential requires a rod with a medium-heavy backbone to deliver presentations accurately at distance, combined with a light, sensitive tip that both telegraphs the vibration of the bait and loads the rod deep to keep fish pinned.

To achieve this, G. Loomis uses only the most advanced technologies, construction processes, and componentry to engineer a rod that offers anglers best-in-class performance. Their American-made blanks are rolled with Spiral X technology to provide ultra-fast recovery for increased casting distance, heightened sensitivity, and drastic weight reduction. CI4+ reel seats maximize an angler's connection to the blank for unsurpassed bite transmission and all-day comfort. Equipped with a hybrid guide train, NRX+ empowers anglers to make long, accurate casts for increased effectiveness on the water.

Radically redefined, the NRX+ BLADED JIG is the culmination of their obsessive drive to provide bass anglers with the most advanced fishing tools on the planet.

Rod Specifications
  • Model:NRX+ 883C BJR
  • Length:7'4"
  • Pieces:1
  • Guides:N/A
  • Line weight (lb):12-16 lb
  • Lure size (oz):3/16-5/8 oz
  • Power:MH
  • Action:Fast
  • Quantity:
  • Price: $650.00
  • In Stock: 1


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