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Flambeau Zerust Max Blade Krate



For over 70 years, bladed baits have glided above submerged hydrilla, ripped through dense lilly pads, and run adjacent to fallen trees to make them a timeless staple in any angler's tackle boxes. At the top of the list stands the king of blade baits, the spinnerbait, along with the prince of blades, the chatterbait. These classic, versatile lures rightfully deserve a tackle storage solution of equal prestige and versatility. Enter the Blade Krate, a specialized storage system designed to finally give the angler organization satisfaction for any arsenal of bladed, skirted, and inherently prone to tangle fish favorites.

Featuring 21 Zerust®—infused anti—corrosion plastic folders designed to hang 2 lures each via integrated clips, all hooks, skirts, and blades are individually protected and preserved in removable billfold—style clams for tangle—free storage. The Blade Krate offers organization for 42 bladed lures in a compact footprint spec'd to fit standard tackle bags and boat compartments. The simple, ergonomic filing cabinet design allows for modification to create up to 3 bulk storage compartments when a section of folders is removed for accompanying soft plastic trailers. The purpose—driven functionality of the Blade Krate conveniently reorganizes the angler's priorities: more time fishing and less time fussing with a tangled mess of hooks, blades, and skirts. The Blade Krate is BUILT TO FISH. BUILT TO LAST.™

What is your tackle worth? There's a reason why the U.S. military turned to Zerust-infused solutions to safely protect advanced weapon systems store on the decks of naval ships during transoceanic voyages—uncompromised anti-corrosion protection for the harshest marine environments.

The Zerust® Max Tuff Tainer® line builds on our legacy as the pioneering force and industry leader in anti-corrosion tackle storage innovation to offer anglers an enhanced level of Zerust® VCI vapor technology now impregnated directly into the entirety of each box. Flambeau's exclusive Zerust® VCI products consist of a proprietary chemical formulation that releases an invisible, odorless, tasteless, and FDA-safe vapor that diffuses throughout an enclosed Tuff Tainer® and settles on all exposed metal surfaces to form a protective molecular layer that inhibits the electrochemical reactions that cause rust and corrosion to form. The result is unmatched rust prevention performance for a minimum of 5 years in the most extreme environments an angler will encounter.

*The exact extent to which the product effectively emits an operative degree of corrosion inhibiting vapors beyond five years is dependent on multiple variables, including atmospheric factors and user application.

  • 21 removable bladed lure folders infused with Zerust® filed in a 3 compartment sliding rail system
  • Individually organizes 42 bladed lures with 2 lure clips per folder for unprecedented tangle—free and easy—access storage
  • Waterproof silicone gasket and 3 compression cam latches
  • Removable folder sections allow customizable bulk storage compartments for soft plastic trailers in original packaging, leader spools, or tools
  • Drainage holes in bottom of folders permit moisture runoff for lures put away wet
  • Market standard 5000 series dimensional footprint for easy fit inside soft tackle bags and boat compartments
  • Fully—infused with an enhanced level of Zerust® VCI vapor technology that provides effortless rust prevention for metal tackle in extreme marine environments for a minimum of 5 years
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Product Dimensions: 14" L x 5.53" W x 6.4" D
  • Compartments: 21 Folders — 3 Dividers (Includes 21 Zerust® removable folders and 3 compartment dividers)

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