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Deps Spiral Minnow



The Deps Spiral Minnow redefines the concept of a "wake bait". This noisy prop bait, shaped like a minnow, has an uncanny ability to get fickle bass to attack. Just like its older brother the Buzzjet, this wake bait is very effective on the surface or just beneath it. The flatter sides produce a sharper and quicker wobble and roll when retrieved, giving the savvy angler two waking options depending on the mood of the fish. Most wake baits are only effective when retrieved slowly, but the Spiral Minnow also excels with medium and fast retrieves. The prop continuously causes a ruckus with a bubble trail and a fish calling clanking sound. It sports three Owner hooks so your bass not only gets hooked, it stays hooked. Different conditions call for different baits. Find out for yourself why the Spiral Minnow quickly became one of Japan's top wake baits.


  • Length: 4.75" (120mm)
  • Weight: 7/8 oz

Straight Retrieve
With a slow retrieve, the minnow will roll back and forth on the surface, flaring its sides like a wounded baitfish under attack. This natural appeal is very potent for feeding bass. With a speedier retrieve, the minnow`s action widens and the roll is enhanced to become sharper. The bait will trace beneath the surface causing fierce reaction strikes.

Whichever method you choose, the prop will create lots of turbulence and noise!!

Short Drive
Another effective technique for the Spiral Minnow is to use short quick jerks. These sharp rips cause the bait to dart erratically, producing intermittent noise from the prop. It also will dive, quickly leaving behind a bubble trail. The patented Variable Balancer System provides sound as the weight transfers back and forth. The Japanese say it sounds like “GORO GORO” and fish have a hard time turning it down! On the pause, the minnow will then slowly float back to the surface.

Body Form
The low center of gravity allows the minnow to be retrieved at both slow and fast retrieves. While it rolls it produces a natural wake on the surface or sharper flash and flare just beneath the surface. Vary the retrieve and let the fish tell you how they want it! Hold on tight!

Original Prop
As the bait swims, the off-center cut blade continuously throws water up behind the minnow causing a boiling commotion. Additionally, as it turns, the blade constantly hits the back hook eye producing a high pitched sound.

3 Hook Setting
The minnow style shape combined with three OWNER ST-46 #4 hooks improves the hook up ratio greatly for this topwater bait.

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