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DUO Realis Jerkbait 120SP



The DUO Realis Jerk Bait 120SP has a bold flat side body and a high pitch rolling action which creates the intense flashing and water moving ability, attracting bass from a wide area. The lure also responds very well to rod work, staging a sharp flashing and darting action. Twitch it, jerk it, pause it, you will find your answer soon after!


  • Flat Side Body

    The super flat side body which rivals the flat-side crank bait produces intense flashing and water movement, drawing bass from an extensive range.

  • Action Response

    The lure has a stable high pitch rolling action irrespective of the retrieval speed, while performing sharp sliding, darting and flashing action with the anglers rod work.

  • Sound performance

    The use of tungsten balls as the moving weight creates a low pitch tone, while the steel and rattle balls ejecting a high pitch tone. These dual sound effects have realized a greater appeal to the fish.


  • A lip design which grabs the water while giving less
  • Vibrant flashing and water movements
  • The molded fixed weight adjust the action balance
  • Two 6.0mm tungsten balls for the deep sounds
  • Steel balls generate the high rattle sound

    Available Sizes:

  • 120SP: Length: 4.75", Weight: 5/8oz, Diving Depth: 5-6', Type: Suspending

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