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BOOYAH Covert Series Single Colorado Spinnerbait



The Single Colorado Covert Series Spinnerbait is Jason Christie's spinnerbait of choice when the water temperature is in the 50s or below and the water is color is stained to murky. The single Colorado blade maximizes thump to help fish find the lure and to call them out of cover.

After years of testing and tweaking, pro angler Jason Christie has finally designed his perfect spinnerbait. The unique head design is modified from a traditional BOOYAH spinnerbait head with a raked-out gill, which offsets the blade torque to keep the bait running true. Featuring select head and skirt colors, as well as high-quality Hildebrandt blades, this spinnerbait is truly a viable all-season option for anglers looking to toss spinnerbaits in any condition.

The lineup features the specific skirt and head color combinations Christie uses for unique situations - such as an orange or red head for early spring and high or dirty water. White and chartreuse-based skirt patterns are used to match forage and compliment the head colors. Select spinnerbaits also feature a special orange kicker blade for aiding in low-visibility situations. There is a blade/color combination designed for every fishing condition.

In addition to the color patterns, top quality Hildebrandt blades have been added to the lure for the highest amount of flash and vibration possible.

The head design is modified after a traditional BOOYAH spinnerbait and features a special raked-out gill to offset the blade torque and keep the bait running true. The Covert Series is also fitted with non-plated 17-7 stainless steel bronze wire for providing increased durability and aid in blade vibration. The specialized wire also helps protect against corrosion. A wire form trailer keeper holds any added soft plastics while the super sharp hook is ready for the big bite.

Hook Size:
  • 3/8 oz: 4/0
  • 1/2, 3/4 & 1 oz: 5/0

Find your perfect spinnerbait using the interactive map below:

Blue Chartreuse / Orange Head: Gold Blade
Size Price Stock Qty
1/2 oz: #4.5 $9.99 11
Blue Chartreuse / Red Head: Gold Blade
Size Price Stock Qty
1/2 oz: #5 $9.99 12
3/4 oz: #6 $10.99 7
1 oz: #6 $10.99 7
White Chartreuse Blue / Pearl Chartreuse Blue Head: Gold Blade
Size Price Stock Qty
1/2 oz: #5 $9.99 7
3/4 oz: #6 $10.99 6
1 oz: #6 $10.99 7
White Chartreuse Silver Scale / Orange Head: Gold Blade
Size Price Stock Qty
1/2 oz: #4.5 $9.99 16
White Chartreuse Silver Scale / Pearl Chartreuse Head: Gold Blade
Size Price Stock Qty
1/2 oz: #5 $9.99 12
1 oz: #6 $10.99 3


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