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BUBBA Culling Indicator Set



Built to be the ultimate culling accessory for tournament anglers, the Bubba Culling Indicator Set is designed in conjunction with the Bubba Smart Fish Scales to ensure you never lose track of your best catches. Featuring eight brightly colored and numbered cull tag buoys that match the storage slots on Bubba Smart Fish Scales, the Bubba Culling Indicator Set makes it easy to identify fish in the live well and the process of culling a quick and less cumbersome task. Including a balance beam with the iconic non-slip Bubba handle grip, anglers can attach the loops of the cull buoys to the hooks on each end of the beam to better detect the slightest differences in weight between two similar- sized fish. Complete with corrosion-resistant components throughout to deliver long-lasting performance, the Bubba Culling Indicator Set has a low-profile puncture-free clip design that secures the lip of a fish without causing unnecessary damage.


  • Low-Profile Lip Clip Design
  • Corrosion-Resistant Components
  • Compatible with both Standard and Pro Series Smart Fish Scales
  • Iconic Non-Slip Bubba Grip
  • Colored and Numbered Buoys to Track Catches

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