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All-Terrain Tackle Mighty Jig Worm Head Jighead



The Mighty Jig - worm head was created to offer bass anglers a lightweight jig with a hook big enough to get fish away from trouble quickly. This jig features a double-collared plastics keeper that allows you to fish with worms, tubes, grubs and other soft plastics with the confidence that they will stay put.

Another feature is the exclusive "sunken" hook eye that helps keep grass and moss from clinging to the eye. The underside of the Mighty Jig features the same Terrain Tread design that our other jig styles have. The Mighty Jig is a great option for all of your favorite finesse baits and is hard to beat in tough conditions when it’s rigged with a 4" finesse worm.

All-Terrain's staff members have used this jig for years, well before the latest "shakey head" craze became popular on the national tours. This is quite simply one of the best ways to catch cold-front and heavily pressured bass. Unlike other "shakey" heads that use a very small hook, the Mighty Jig uses a strong and super sharp 3/0 Mustad® UltraPoint hook so you can land that 7-pounder when she hits. Try the Mighty Jig with small worms around weed edges, docks, brush piles and other fish holding structure. The Mighty Jig has won major tournaments on Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka, where you need over a 4-pound average of fish to win! 3 per pack.

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1/8 oz $3.49 4
3/16 oz $3.49 4
1/4 oz $3.49 5
Green Pumpkin
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1/8 oz $3.49 4
3/16 oz $3.49 1
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