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6th Sense Vega Series Casting Rods


When it comes to frog fishing, selecting the right rod can make all the difference. Casting distance, skipping accuracy, ability to work the frog, and maximized hookup ratios are all critically important factors to consider. The 6th Sense team has designed The Vega frog rod series that underwent extensive on-the-water testing to bring you the best stick on the market. The Vega rod series goes along perfect with the 6th Sense Vega Frog.

  • Just the right backbone stiffness to keep fish pinned and pull them out of the thickest cover
  • Fast tip that allows you to make accurate casts, skip effortlessly, and work the frog exactly how you want
  • Shorter handle so you can throw the frog all day without beating up your arm
  • Light as a feather and strong as an oak tree - a combination every angler needs when throwing a frog
  • Custom Handle: The shorter handle along with the EVA foam split grips allow you to work a frog all do with comfort and ease.
  • Premium Guides: The Vega Frog Rod comes standard with premium Fuji Concept O guides that can handle braided line. 
  • Two Actions: Their team tested a plethora of lengths and actions and the 6'10" Heavy and 7'3" Heavy were unanimously the favorites for working a frog around all types of cover.

  • 6'10" Heavy - Designed for target casting into lay-downs, under docks, between lily pads, and around trees.
  • 7'3" Heavy - Designed for longer distance casts across matted grass, lily pads, or out in open water.

Sale Pricing Notes: Spring Savings Event
Rod Specifications
  • Model:RODVGA-H73#
  • Length:7'3"
  • Pieces:1
  • Guides:1
  • Line weight (lb):40 - 80 lb
  • Lure size (oz):1/4 - 3/4 oz
  • Power:H
  • Action:Fast
  • Quantity:
  • Price: $104.99  SALE!
  • In Stock: 1


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