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XCalibur Rattle Bait Series



This lipless crankbait brings them in from far-off with super-loud rattles and a tight, precision-tuned vibrating wiggle. It casts like a bullet and emits an awesome amount of vibration at a death-cry-of-a-minnow pitch. Its meticulously detailed design makes this rattle bait the unparalleled choice in vibrating lures.

Using High-tech, precision tuned instruments, XCalibur is able to offer you a crankbait fishing lure, such as the Xr50 Rattlebait, that is almost impossible to fish wrong. It swims on its way down on slack fishing line and swims as you retrieve it, sure to make your bass fishing excursions successful and plentiful. With this finely tuned, Hi-Tek rattle bait from XCalibur, you can be assured that you now have the leading edge in crankbait and rattle bait bass fishing lures. Sound your arrival and lure your trophy fish with the vibrating action of the XCalibur Rattlebait today.

  • XR25 - 2.25" long, 1/4oz
  • XR50 - 2.5" long, 5/8oz
  • XR75 - 3" long, 3/4oz

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