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XCalibur One Knocker



Something old - Something new. A guarded secret of old-time pros meets modern technology in the one knocker. A perfectly engineered lipless crankbait that emits a fish attracting, rhythmic knock with its single forged tungsten/lead weight while puching an enormous amount of water as it vibrates over grass and other structure. The One Knocker rattle is especially effective oh highly pressured bodies of water where big bass get accustomed to seeing every type of rattlebait known to man.

  • XRK25 - 2.25" long, 1/4 oz.
  • XRK50 - 2.5" long, 5/8 oz.
  • XRK75 - 3" long, 3/4 oz.

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    18 - Gold Black
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    5/8 oz $6.99 2
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