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War Eagle Painted Spinnerbaits



War Eagle spinnerbaits - What makes the difference? All our spinnerbaits come with a unique hand tied skirt. The head design allows water to flow through the skirt, creating action. Light wire, quality blades, Mustad Ultra Power Point hooks and Sampo swivels make War Eagle Spinnerbaits the most productive spinnerbaits in you tackle box.

Available Sizes

  • DWL: Double Willow
  • TW: Tandom Willow
  • TI: Tandom Indiana

    Pictures below are only color samples. Blade combination is listed under the size for each color.

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    P01 - Cole Slaw
    Size Price Stock Qty
    1/2 oz DWL $6.49 25+
    1/2 oz TW $6.49 8
    3/8 oz DWL $6.49 25+
    3/8 oz TW $6.49 25+
    P02 - White/Chartreuse
    Size Price Stock Qty
    1/2 oz DWL $6.49 25+
    1/2 oz TW $6.49 Out
    3/4 oz TW $6.49 Out
    3/8 oz DWL $6.49 7
    3/8 oz TW $6.49 Out
    P03 - Chartreuse
    Size Price Stock Qty
    1/2 oz DWL $6.49 5
    1/2 oz TW $6.49 5
    3/8 oz DWL $6.49 3
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