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Unfair Lures Paul's Rip-N-Slash Suspending Series



Paul's Rip-N-Slash Suspending Series is a hybrid search bait molded after a combination of pilchard like baits. It casts a mile and swims like its about to be 'crushed'. It features the 3D Gill and carefully selected holographic tones to give it the edge over those 'old' no design featured lures. Tie one on and fish with your camera ready. New hybrid features; swivel for better knots and no line twist, and 'living eye' with life sized pupil makes an easy target for predators. Transverse hook hangers for single hook options. Hydrodynamic fins add natural swimming action. The dressed tail hook breathes when suspended and will also hold scent. Quality Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks will hold on to your catch. The holographic color change finishes and dynamic swimming angles are hard for fish to resist. There's no need to spend hours filling a baitwell, when you have the erratic acting Rip-N-Slash in your hand, ready to cast.


  • Length - 2 3/4" (70mm)
  • Weight - 1/3 oz (9.3g)


  • Length - 3 1/2" (90mm)
  • Weight - 1/2 oz (14g)

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    10 In Stock
    01 - Liveglow White (Luminous)
    70 $8.75

    12 In Stock
    02 - Pearl Olive
    70 $8.75

    15 In Stock
    03 - Pearl Gold
    70 $8.75

    17 In Stock
    05 - Olive Ghost
    70 $8.75

    20 In Stock
    07 - Pearl Chartreuse
    70 $8.75

    14 In Stock
    08 - Pearl Black
    70 $8.75
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