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Sure-Life Shad Keeper



This Total Water Conditioner:

  • Removes Ammonia.
  • Adds All Necessary Electrolytes.
  • Removes Harmful Surface Foam.
  • Keeps Bait Frisky.
  • Reduces Losses.
  • Removes Harmful Chlorine And Heavy Metals.
  • Stimulates A Natural Slime Coat.
  • Also Works On Blue Back Herring.
  • Enhances Oxygen Content Of Water.
  • Hardens Scales.

    This is one of our best selling specialty products. Not only does SHAD-KEEPER™ totally condition shad holding water, but it also removes harmful ammonia from the water. Ammonia and surface foam are two of the key reasons these types of baitfish have been so hard to keep alive in the past. With SHAD-KEEPER™, no other products are necessary, and complete success is obtained in keeping the bait alive so that more time can be spent productively fishing. This product has been chemically engineered to be in a class by itself.

    Along with removing ammonia and surface foam, SHAD-KEEPER™ adds all necessary electrolytes shad and herring need. SHAD-KEEPER™ also removes harmful chlorine from city water and melting ice, and any heavy metals which may be found in the water. The oxygen content of the water is enhanced and scales are hardened.

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    • Color:Treats 101 Gallons
    • Size:3 lb bottle

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    • Color:Treats 1213 Gallons
    • Size:36 lb bucket

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    • Color:Treats 404 Gallons
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