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Sufix Performance Braid


Unmatched in salt or fresh water

Sufix, the world's largest extruder of nylon monofilament lines is launching a cutting-edge braid that offers the ultimate across-the-board performance in salt water or fresh.

Performance Braid retains its roundness, color and slickness throughout its entire length. This uniformity improves casting distance on both spinning and casting reels, and assures unmatched durability, sensitivity and quietness. Performance Braid knots perfectly to a leader and won't slip as easily. What's more, its remarkable sensitivity transmits the slightest tap, and the near-zero stretch buries the barb on contact.

Sufix Performance Braid is extremely tough and can be fished around the most brutal cover without fraying. It won't flatten or ribbon, and the denser body of Performance Braid greatly diminishes the chances of wind knots or the line digging into itself on the spool.

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Quantity Color Size Our Price

6 In Stock
  • Lo-Vis Green
  • Model: 663-010G
  • UPC: 024777125025
10 lb - 150 yds $13.59

Out of Stock
  • Lo-Vis Green
  • Model: 663-020G
  • UPC: 024777125032
20 lb - 150 yds $13.59

2 In Stock
  • Lo-Vis Green
  • Model: 663-030G
  • UPC: 024777125049
30 lb - 150 yds $13.59

Out of Stock
  • Lo-Vis Green
  • Model: 663-040G
  • UPC: 024777125803
40 lb - 150 yds $19.99

5 In Stock
  • Lo-Vis Green
  • Model: 663-050G
  • UPC: 024777125056
50 lb - 150 yds $17.29

5 In Stock
  • Lo-Vis Green
  • Model: 663-065G
  • UPC: 024777125063
65 lb - 150 yds $17.29


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