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Stanley Double-Take Weight Back Hooks



Often the simplest of great ideas are not the most obvious. Fortunately for bass anglers well-known lure-maker Lonnie Stanley and colleague John Hale applied that logic in creating the “simply-genius” Ribbit Double-Take Hook. Two hooks are better than one for hooking and landing big bass!

The Ribbit Double-Take Hook is specially designed to fish with Stanley Lures Ribbit soft bait and works wonders with other frog-imitation soft lures as well. Bass tend to strike violently at the “racing” frogs that run across the top of the water and will often miss a single hook. The Ribbit Double-Take Hook with its longer shank and two points doubles your chances of hooking up says Bassmaster Classic veteran Stanley.

The new weight back Double Take sits lower in the water and creates more drag and splash on a Ribbit. Also adds extra weight for increased casting distance. The Wedge shaped lead plows throw the thickest vegetation. 2 per pack.

Quantity Color Size Our Price

10+ In Stock
Black Nickel - 1 pack 5/0 - 1/16oz Weight Back $3.19

Out of Stock
Black Nickel - 2 pack 5/0 - 1/8oz Weight Back $5.99

10+ In Stock
Black Nickel - 2 pack 4/0 - 1/8oz Weight Back $5.99


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