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Seaguar Fluorocarbon Invisible Leader Material


The inventor an world leader in 100% fluorocarbon leader material. Seaguar florocarbon is preferred by professional fishermen the world over for its ultra low visibility, superior abrasion resistance, tensile and knot strength. Seaguar fluorocarbon does not absorb water like nylon mono leaders and is unaffected by the sun's UV rays. Seaguar is the top choice for all trolling, live lining, chumming and chunking situations. Because fish can't see it, you can use a higher test leader, thus providing an added margin of safety without jeopardizing the natural presentation of the bait. Make the switch from mono leaders to Seaguar Fluorcarbon and watch your "bites" soar.

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  • Model: 20FC25
  • UPC: 645879206254
20 lb - 25 yd $9.99

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  • Model: 30FC25
  • UPC: 645879306251
30 lb - 25 yd $15.99

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  • Model: 40FC25
  • UPC: 645879406258
40 lb - 25 yd $19.99


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