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Salmo Zipper Lipless Crankbait



Salmo Lures always go all out to develop the best of the best when they introduce a new lure. Once again, Salmo has shocked the fishing world with the all new Salmo Zipper. This creative design for a lipless crankbait delivers more vibration, a louder rattle and better overall fishability than anything else in its class. The Zipper will simply trigger more fish to bite.

Salmo lure designers worked overtime to create a lipless crankbait that gives the angler the control of speed and depth without loosing any performance. Salmo's extensive testing on the Zipper has found that this bait is also fantastic as a vertical fishing lure for bass, stripers, trout, walleye and sauger.

The lure both glides and vibrates as you snap your rod tip upward. The large rattle chamber can easily be heard in 25 feet of water and boy do the fish come in to kill it.

Casting is probably the most popular way of fishing the Salmo Zipper. Many anglers like to cast them out and simply reel them in fast, and this works for sure, but don’t be afraid to let the bait sink and fish it slowly or fish it with an occasional snap of the rod tip to get those fish to bite. Monster walleye, bass, pike and even lake trout have come on the Salmo Zipper. If you have never thrown a lipless crankbait before, you might not realize just how fantastic the lure is in this popular lure category, but if you have other lipless crankbaits in your box, it won’t be long before you are only fishing with the Salmo Zipper.

Salmo strongly recommends a snap swivel if you are fishing your Salmo Zipper vertically and a regular snap for all other occasions. Please do not tie direct.

Fast or slow, casting trolling or vertical fishing, the all new Salmo Zipper is a fish catching miracle.


  • Length - 1 3/4"
  • Weight - 3/8 oz
  • Type - Sinking

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