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Roboworm Zipper Worm



The ribs give this bait a feel and texture that bass seem to love and they just don’t want to let go of it when they get it in their mouths. The ribs also give the bait a bulky appearance without adding weight, and they will catch more water and cause the bait to fall more slowly when you want a slow falling bait. The ribs will also create a lot of disturbance and displace a lot of water, thereby attracting bass from longer distances. The soft, thin, flexible curl tail will give lots of action on the fall or when the bait is just scooting along the bottom. Roboworm also added their unique Salt Release System that keeps the plastic clear, soft and tough but gives a burst of salt when it gets bit. This is an awesome worm for almost any type of fishing you might want to do with a big hunk of plastic, and it's won lots of money for pros all over the United States. Try the Roboworm Zipper Worm as a flip bait, It can get through small openings in thick cover easily, or try Texas-rigging it and shaking it on deep structure. One pro’s secret has been to tie a dropshot rig with heavier line, Tex- spose the hook in the Zipper, pitching it into fish holding cover and shaking the whole rig. By varying the length of the leader, you can put the bait right where the fish are if they aren't relating to the bottom. We carry all the colors Roboworm makes to make sure there's a color and style of Zipper Worm that will catch fish in your home lake.

Length: 5" - 6 pack

June Bug Chartreuse
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