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Roboworm FX Straight Tail Worms



Roboworm provides some of the very best straight tail worms in the industry with soft, buoyant plastic and sharp, clear, natural colors, these baits are relied upon by some of the top anglers in professional tournaments all over the country. Now, you can buy these worms in the amazing FX Special Effects colors that are proving so effective for the pros. Soft, bass-pleasing plastic, deep 3D colors, and the exclusive Salt Release System that will provide salty taste without weighting down the worm will make these baits your "go-to" worms. Try the 4 1/2" for dropshotting, or any finesse presentation, the buoyancy of this plastic will create motion in the worm with a minimum of rod movement. The 6" FX straight tail is perfect for finesse presentations or any way you would want to present a worm. The fat 7" bait is great for flipping or Texas-rigging and will attract a lot of attention underwater and when the bass come close to take a look they will not resist the incredible colors. The only problem with this bait is that you’ll end up wanting so many you won’t have room in the boat!

  • 4.5" and 6" - 10 per pack.
  • 7" - 8 per pack.

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