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Rebel Lures Ultralights Wee Frog



If you want to experience the real thrill of catching lots of fish, introduce yourself to Rebel's selection of small, natural looking fishing lures. Because they"re small, panfish will strike them and that means fun for you and those you"d like to introduce to the sport. And, don"t be surprised when a big trout, bass, or crappie tests your fishing skills. Designed for light-line spinning and spin-cast tackle, these ultra-light lures are the closet you'll ever come to a "Fish-Catching Guarantee."

  • Teeny Wee Frog F70: 1.5" - 1/8 oz, Dives 0' - 2.5'
  • Wee Frog F71: 2" - 3/8 oz, Dives 5' - 7'

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    60 - Green Bullfrog
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    2" $5.49 5
    61 - Northern Leopard Frog
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    1-1/2" $5.49 5
    2" $5.49 4
    79 - Chartreuse Frog
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    1-1/2" $5.49 4
    2" $5.49 5
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    • Wee Frog Downunder  May 17, 2013

      I fully endorse the first review on this lure for Australian waters. It has been my "back-up" lure in mountain lakes when fishing for trout. When our preferred lures don't work, out comes the Wee Frog of any pattern and we start trying again.

    • fish eat wee frogs!  May 24, 2011

      The freshwater fishing scene here in Australia is flooded with japanese lures. No doubt they work, but the more the Bass and other Australian native fish see them, the more wary they become to the offering. I first stumbled onto a Rebel Wee Frog in a sports store at a bargain price. I had this one lure for a whole season (3 months) permanantly tied on to my line. From the first session using the Wee frog i was addicted to casting at snags and pulling some truley amazing catches on this shallow running fish magnet! It is weighted very well to make long casts, floats well to avoid snagging in hard terrian and is fitted with quality hooks. The action is what makes the fish want to eat it. When fishing from a height, you can watch the whole scene play out in front of your eyes. The lure making its way back to the rod, bouncing off a snag, swimming above the weed, then a silver flash, BANG! So many times i have have seen this using the Wee Frog. During hot sessions i have seen our Australian bass fighting over position to nail the lure. But its not only bass they catch over here. In the skinny water, Australian bass,Golden Perch(yellowbelly),Silver Perch and Freshwater cod have all come undone on this single Wee Frog i luckily found one day. My "go to" lure every spring and summer!