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Rebel Lures Crawfish Series



The ultra-light Rebel Crawfish is undoubtedly one of the most popular fishing lures in the world. Its small life-like profile entices and catches all sizes of game fish - especially bass, trout, and panfish. The versatile family of Rebel Lures Crawfish are quite possibly the most productive series of crankbaits ever made. Deep, shallow, suspending, cast, or trolled for virtually any freshwater species there"s a Rebel Crawfish that"s designed to get the job done.

  • D77 Deep Teeny Wee-Crawfish: Producing irresistible crawfish bait at deeper depths the slightly heavier D77 suspends, increasing its effectiveness. 1.5" 1/9oz #14hks
  • F76 Wee-Crawfish: The Wee Crawfish bait is dynamite in rivers and streams. The distinct, pulsating action is especially attractive to smallies. 2" 1/5oz #8hks
  • F77 Teeny Wee-Crawfish: The F77 Rebel Teeny Wee Crawfish is possibly the most popular ultra-light crankbait in the world. Its small life-like profile entices and catches all sizes of gamefish. 1.5" 1/10oz #14hks
  • D76 Deep Wee-Crawfish: Cast or troll this deep running crawfish bait and enjoy the true-running stablility that makes this Rebel lure a winner. 2 3/8" 3/8oz #6hks
  • D74 Big Craw Crawfish: The Big Craw meets the demand for larger, deeper-runners and runs at depths of up to 10 feet. 2 1/2" 7/16oz #4hks

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    34 - Chartreuse Black Stripes
    Size Price Stock Qty
    D74 $5.49 10
    D76 $5.49 17
    D77 $5.49 25+
    F76 $5.49 25+
    F77 $5.49 21
    35 - Cajon
    Size Price Stock Qty
    D74 $5.49 25+
    D76 $5.49 14
    D77 $5.49 4
    F76 $5.49 25+
    F77 $5.49 18
    40 - Texas Red
    Size Price Stock Qty
    D76 $5.49 23
    D77 $5.49 24
    F76 $5.49 19
    F77 $5.49 24
    56 - Fire Tiger
    Size Price Stock Qty
    F77 $5.49 23
    60 - Stream Craw
    Size Price Stock Qty
    D74 $5.49 16
    D76 $5.49 22
    D77 $5.49 17
    F76 $5.49 15
    F77 $5.49 25+
    63 - Devil Crawfish
    Size Price Stock Qty
    F77 $5.49 21
    65 - Nest Robber
    Size Price Stock Qty
    D74 $5.49 11
    D76 $5.49 25+
    D77 $5.49 18
    F76 $5.49 25+
    F77 $5.49 25+
    67 - Chartreuse Craw
    Size Price Stock Qty
    D76 $5.49 21
    D77 $5.49 18
    F76 $5.49 24
    F77 $5.49 25+
    75 - Ditch Brown
    Size Price Stock Qty
    D74 $5.49 6
    D76 $5.49 11
    D77 $5.49 25+
    F76 $5.49 15
    F77 $5.49 25+
    84 - Moss Crawfish
    Size Price Stock Qty
    D76 $5.49 14
    D77 $5.49 23
    F76 $5.49 25+
    F77 $5.49 19
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    • Catches Everything  August 17, 2015

      I have caught 5 inch blue gill to six pound Drum.Channel cats to sauger to four pound Smallmouth in the same stream on the same day. Simply a devistating lure.Fish hit it on top and while being retrieved.

    • More than just a gimmick!  June 12, 2014

      I had the teeny version in my tackle box for years. Never realy thought it would work.This morning for some reason I finally tied it on. I have been missing out on a great lure. In, the first 15 min. I got 3 smallmouth (biggest about 13 inches) and a small channel cat.The smallies hit after it pumped into a rock and floated back up.The lighter color of the stream craw pattern really stood out in the darker water.

    • Amazing  January 11, 2013

      I use the teeny wee rebels to catch an assortment of species. I'm a big fan of creeks and rivers, smallmouth, chubs, and redbreast sun fish. These never fail me. Normally the chartreuse brown back, stream, and ditch work. Biggest smallie was 13", defiantly a must have for any creek/stream/river angler!!

    • One of my secret weapons.  May 30, 2012

      I keep a selection of D76 & 77's and F76 & 77's in my tackle box at all times. The Teeny Wee Crawfish (77 size) is my favorite ultralight crankbait. It and Roostertails are my first weapons of choice when I go to fish a farm pond. The Wee Crawfish (76 size)is one of my first crankbait choices fishing shoreline structure, and shallow to medium depth rocks, flats and dropoffs in lakes or rivers. It's deadly on largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass, bluegill, shellcrackers (red ear sunfish), rock bass, striped bass when spawning in streams, and even pike. I've even caught some walleye and bass with the D74 Big Craw fishing deeper points, dropoffs and structure.

    • Dont get no better  January 12, 2011

      Many years ago in my wasted youth...I discovered the teeny(? not sure what it was called back then, but it was the little one) rebel caught anything that would eat a crawdad...lite tan or cream with orangish belly...lost my last one about 3 years I take the light brown one and lay it on the dash of my truck for a few weeks...I always have one tied on when I am fishing, especially river fishing...far as I am concerned "it dont get no better"