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Rapala Minnow Rap



The Minnow Rap combines the legendary Shad Rap action with a tight wobbling action in a minnow profile. Constructed out of balsa, the Minnow Rap’s action is tighter and displays unique performance techniques that make this minnow-shaped lure one-of- a-kind.

The Minnow Rap also features the new Bleeding Color Pattern that is sure to stop any species of fish dead in its tracks. Specially patterned with bleeding gills, red deep-diving lip and VMC® red hooks, the Bleeding Color Pattern provides the ultimate in “wounded-minnow” action.

“The Bleeding Pattern, combined with the Shad Rap action and minnow profile, make the Minnow Rap the ideal lure for cold water, clear water and when fishing is at its toughest,” said Mark Fisher, Rapala director of field promotions.

The Minnow Rap is perfect for trolling and casting. On the troll the Minnow Rap runs at 12 feet, and at seven feet on the cast. Eight classic patterns feature a clear deep-diving lip and VMC black nickel hooks.

  • MR07: 2-3/4", 3/16 oz, 4'-9', Two No.5
  • MR09: 3-1/2", 5/16 oz, 5'-11', Two No.3

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    BHO - Bleeding Hot Olive
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    2-3/4" $9.49 8
    3-1/2" $9.99 3
    FT - Fire Tiger
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    2-3/4" $9.49 1
    3-1/2" $9.99 2
    HS - Hot Steel
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    2-3/4" $9.49 6
    3-1/2" $9.99 4
    PD - Purpledescent
    Size Price Stock Qty
    2-3/4" $9.49 Out
    3-1/2" $9.99 7
    S - Silver
    Size Price Stock Qty
    3-1/2" $9.99 6
    YP - Yellow Perch
    Size Price Stock Qty
    2-3/4" $9.49 3
    3-1/2" $9.99 13
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