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Picasso School-E-Rig Flash-Back Junior Umbrella Rig



The Picasso Junior Flash Back is made with 4 inch .040 gauge super strong, low visibility, brown wire for a stealthy presentation that allows the fish to focus on the baits being presented instead of the distraction of flashy wires. The center wire is slightly longer to simulate a bait fish that is straying from the rest of the school. The light weight, high- impact resistant plastic head and heavy duty 75 lb strength imbedded nose swivel prevents line twist and also prevents the fish from leveraging itself off once hooked.

Assembled with a 2 tier blade configuration consisting of eight #1 willow blades that create a shiny “flickering” ,fish attracting flash. This 8 blade combination creates a "school” of vibration and flash while still allowing the rig to stay down in the strike zone without lift. Heavy duty terminal snap swivels of 75 pound strength keeps your swim baits secure and assure landing the doubles and triples that this rig commonly catches.

This is a very versatile size that is ideal for targeting suspended fish or throwing around docks, blow downs and other structure. Sliding sleeve feature allows for easy change out of damaged snap swivels. Hand crafted in the USA using only American-made premium component. For the ultimate Umbrella Rig performance we recommend rigging with the following accessories Picasso Smart Mouth Gamakatsu Jig Heads, Picasso Smart Mouth Mustad Jig Heads and Picasso Dummy Heads.

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  • Color:01 - Shad - Nickel/Gold Willow Blades
  • Size:6.75"

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