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Picasso School-E-Rig



The "hottest fishing tool on the bass market today" - the Picasso School-E-Rig is handcrafted in the USA using premium American-made components. The Picasso School E-Rig is also completely Lead-Free. The fish head is constructed from impact resistant plastic - not lead. Often referred to as an umbrella-rig, the School-E-Rig is designed to resemble a school of baitfish. It can be cast and retrieved at a steady pace or allowed to fall through suspended schools of fish. Very versatile as well, it can be rigged with a wide variety of lures, including soft plastic swimbaits, grubs, jig heads and small spinnerbaits.

Its design allows you to spread out the wire arms into various positions. Leaving the slightly longer wire in the middle and spreading the rest of the wire an equal distance apart is its most common configuration, but your imagination is the only limitation for the variety of techniques and lure presentations you can use. It can even be rigged with your favorite lures for bottom fishing, such as Texas-rigged worms, creature baits and jigs.

How To Spread

  • Circular Pattern
    We recommend that you spread the wires in a circle pattern when fishing with soft plastic swim baits and grubs. This pattern is best used when fishing the water column for schooling fish. For best results keep the wires as close together as is possible without the hooks being able to entangle one another. The tighter the pattern the more bites you will get. Rig your baits with exposed hooks for open water or Texas Rig for fishing structure or other cover. Picasso shakedowns and shake-e-footballs are great for weedless rigging or fishing structure.
  • Horizontal Pattern
    Spread the wires by sliding your finger between the wires to the desired distance. We recommend this pattern for bottom fishing and when using top water or near surface baits. Rig Texas Style so the hooks are not exposed when fishing the bottom structure such as stumps, standing timber and grass.

    How To Rig
    Hook desired lures directly to the snap swivels. DO NOT use any additional leaders or you will tangle the baits together.

    We recommend that you weight the Center wire slightly heavier than the others. This will help balance the rig and give it the correct action. An example would be to rig the 4 outside wires with a 3/16 oz jig head and the center wire with a 3/8 oz jig head. The depth that you are fishing will dictate how heavy you want to weight the rig.

    How To Fish
    When schools of bass are located on your electronics you can drop a buoy down as a reference point. Cast the rig and count down to the depth you saw the fish at. Depending on how heavy the baits are that you have rigged will determine the fall rate. To begin with, count 1 foot per second. As you get familiar with the descent rate, you can vary. Count the rig down so it is below the depth that the fish were detected at. Now you can work it up through the school of fish. Try various retrieval speeds to see what produces the best results. Sometimes a steady retrieve works best and other times the fish prefer a reel and pause so the bait sinks down a few feet. Then just reel up the slack and repeat.

    Baits To Use
    There is no limitation on the baits and sizes that ca be used on the School-E-Rig. You can use plastic swim baits, paddle tail swimbaits, jig heads with grubs, create baits, worms, jig and pig, toads and frogs.

    NOTE: The Hooks and Swimbaits do not come with this rig

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