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Mister Twister Poc it Fry
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Please Note: Special Order, please allow 2-4 business days for ordering
Mister Twister Poc it Fry The Mister Twister Poc it Fry is made to create plenty of action, even for a stick style worm. These are soft yet durable and proven to catch big bass and other large game fish. They feature Mister Twister's Poc'it design to create bubbles when twitched or dragged through the water. Sold 10 per pack.
Mister Twister Poc it Fry
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Quantity Color/Size Price Note: Some Image Click Bigger
Blue Fleck Red
Size: 4.5"
Model: M45PIF10-BFR
UPC: 024376565567
$ 4.49 Mister Twister Poc it Fry Blue Fleck Red
Chartreuse Pepper
Size: 4.5"
Model: M45PIF10-10BK
UPC: 024376565499
$ 4.49 Mister Twister Poc it Fry Chartreuse Pepper
Green Pumpkin
Size: 4.5"
Model: M45PIF10-15BK
UPC: 024376565536
$ 4.49 Mister Twister Poc it Fry Green Pumpkin
Size: 4.5"
Model: M45PIF10-13GNS
UPC: 024376565505
$ 4.49 Mister Twister Poc it Fry Junebug
Pearl Gold
Size: 4.5"
Model: M45PIF10-1PG
UPC: 024376565543
$ 4.49 Mister Twister Poc it Fry Pearl Gold
Red Bug
Size: 4.5"
Model: M45PIF10-9BGN
UPC: 024376565550
$ 4.49 Mister Twister Poc it Fry Red Bug
Watermelon Seed
Size: 4.5"
Model: M45PIF10-14BK
UPC: 024376565512
$ 4.49 Mister Twister Poc it Fry Watermelon Seed
Watermelon Seed/Red Flake
Size: 4.5"
Model: M45PIF10-14RBK
UPC: 024376565529
$ 4.49 Mister Twister Poc it Fry Watermelon Seed/Red Flake


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