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Mega Strike Attractant



Unlike those spray formulas, Megastrike Fish Attractant comes in a gel form that doesn't wash off. There is no wasted product as in the use of sprays, nor any carpets ruined by over spray. One tube of MegaStrike Fish Attractant will outlast 5 cans of spray scent - less money spent for more fish caught. It stays on the baits so you don't have to reapply it every 2-3 casts (depending on water temp we've had it on lures for days). It doesn't have a bad odor like some of those other scents.

The reason it works is because we made MegaStrike Fish Attractant from a combination of fatty acids and proteins. The fish grab onto, and swallow, bait with MegaStrike Fish Attractant.

When a fish inhales a bait, whether its wood or plastic, and it doesn't taste like food they expel it. This has been timed at 1/4 of a second, not enough time for the average angler to set the hook. If a fish inhales a bait and it tastes like something edible, the fish eats it and goes on its way. Fish eat every day, and not everything they eat has a hook waiting in it. They are not intelligent creatures, they are creatures of habit and conditioning.

By using the right formulation of proteins and other concentrated ingredients, MegaStrike Fish Attractant tricks the fish into believing whatever it's eating is real food and they swallow it. They hold on to the baits long enough that even my favorite anglers (the kids) can detect the strikes and catch fish.

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Crawfish Scent 2 oz $8.49

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Garlic Scent 2 oz $8.49

10+ In Stock
Original Scent 2 oz $8.49


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  • HMMM why dosent this guy like me??  November 11, 2014

    I never did anything to you LOL. Ok heres a video we shot for the Megastrike-Believe me we have thousands of reviews of this product. Everyone saying the same- its the best of the best- We guarantee it. Thank you again for your support

  • Night and Day difference  June 12, 2014

    I was pretty skeptical at first. I've tried other attractants and while they seem to help a little they're extremely messy when in spray forms and lots of times they leak all over the place and stink up your boat, bag, and vehicle. This is a whole lot easier to apply and the effect it has is easily noticeable. First time i tired this i was fishing for 30 min casting to an area i know holds fish. I got a couple swipes but no bites. Couple other folks were nearby and having no luck as well. I didnt change the lure, just applied a little dab of this on my lure, spread it around, and within 10 seconds of the lure falling in the same spot as before I got a strong bite and pulled out a LMB. The next cast, same thing. The one ofter that, a pretty big crappie. All the other guys around the lake were lookin at me like I had the magic touch, and I kinda did thanks to this stuff! And thats just the first day I used this, Its been like that every fishing trip since. Its the only attractant I'll buy from now on.

  • Look No Further  March 24, 2012

    This stuff works! Plain and simple. Just like the other positive review said. i don't know what that other guy is talking about. Sometimes when i first get out on the water i forget to use it. No bites. I go "Oh my secret weapon!" Rub some on and they bite and hold on. A little goes a long way. Been using the same tube for three seasons now and there's plenty left in the tube. Here's a tip. Bring your salt shaker with you. rub this stuff on your plastic bait then shake some salt on it. The salt will stick to the greasy scent and you've got one dangerous weapon for those fish.

  • MegaGarlic?? You are mixed up dude.  March 5, 2011

    MegaStrike does not have even the faintest garlic smell. Maybe you are thinking of another product or an older version of MegaStrike...that being said. I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with Megastrike. In fact I really don't even like the guy that makes it but it is without a doubt the best attractant money can buy. I have tested it time and time again. Throw 3 casts in the same spot, no bite. Put MegaStrike on and catch a fish the next cast. Throw again 3 times without, no bite. Put on some more MS and wham fish on the next cast. Yeah, you can say coincidence. However, it coincidentally happens everytime I go fishing. Other guy said something about garlic, MS doesn't even have a strong odor compared to others but it flat out works. All you need to do is take a dab of the paste, wipe on your plastic bait with your fingers, and then wipe your fingers off on a rag or shop towel kept up front with you. You can manage without a rag but I don't like any foriegn substances on my Shimano Core/Cumara combos. This stuff is the best thing since the rubber worm. It has another amazing attribute over other scents/attractants. It stays on your bait for many casts and makes it slippery making it go through grass, weeds, and tight spots without getting fouled up. MegaStrike for your worm is like KY for your other worm LOL.

  • Mega Garlic  February 24, 2010

    This stuff used to be awesome, they changed the formula about a year ago and now it just smells like garlic and doesn't work as well as the old stuff. JJ's magic or Lunker Sauce work better.