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Lucky Craft Smasher



The Smasher was developed with the mindset of providing anglers of all levels a finesse profile, extremely versatile swimbait. While it can, and will, put the big fish in the boat it doesn't sacrifice the ability to catch large numbers of fish. It’s the Smasher’s great s-wave swimming action with even an extremely slow retrieves that is the key factor to putting more fish in the boat. At ultra-fast retrieve speeds the Smasher swims true with a tight fish enticing s-wave swimming action, perfect for fish feeding on schooling bait fish. To land the notorious swimbait followers just rip the rod tip twelve to thirty inches and the Smasher will react like a baitfish trying to flee an attack. Give the bait slack line at the end of the rip and it will turn 180 degrees and face the bass, which is a sure way to get a reaction bite.


  • Length - 4 1/10" 105mm)
  • Weight - 1/2 oz (14.1g)
  • Class - Sinking
  • Belly Hook - #4
  • Tail Hook - #4
  • Diving Depth - 1' to 2'

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